Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Spokane Locksmith Master Key

Locksmith Spokane Mater Key
Do you own a business? Does your business have multiple employees that possess a key to locks across the property? Are you a landlord for a large apartment’s property? As a landlord do you want or need your own key to the properties that you supervise?

If so, consider having a master key system done to the locks in your business property. It can be set up so that your employees only have a key to the entrance (for example) and you will possess a key that will open up the entrance as well as your office and any other locks that you find applicable.

When you have a locksmith in Spokane master key your commercial property, they will generally have set the pins of all the locks so that a single key will be able to unlock them all. Each lock will have very slight differences in the pin structure so that only the correct keys can work on particular locks. Once this is accomplished the locksmith will have to create additional keys called "user keys". These keys that you can hand over to your employees will only work on a particular lock in the system.

A master keys system is wonderful because it makes life easier and much more secure when there is already so much on your plate. Whenever there is a change of employees or if on the off chance that someone lost a key to the property; it is simple and cheap to have just one lock rekeyed instead of all the locks.

Spokane locksmith master key system
Master key systems are a true method to maintain many locks and existing keys at once that are used by multiple people. If master keying your property sounds like it would decrease long term security costs, create better key management and stronger physical security then call on a commercial locksmith in Spokane WA. They will arrive to your location, listen to what your exact needs are and efficiently provide you with the necessary lock service. A professional locksmith will have the necessary tools and equipment to manage whatever is necessary for a perfect master key system for your property.

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