Monday, January 26, 2015

A Lockout Service?

Spokane locksmith lockout service
Sometimes I feel that 50% of the jobs I get as a mobile locksmith technician are lockout services. Most of the times when a customer calls where he or she has been locked out of the car for example, you get the feel that they called a professional locksmith only as a last resort. Meaning, they wasted time and effort figuring out how to unlock their vehicle without having to spend any money and call a professional locksmith.

I got a call the other day from a customer who was locked out of his vehicle. Apparently, she left the keys in the ignition and without realizing she did that, she locked the doors behind her. The vehicle was an early 90's Toyota Corolla. I accepted the job and was heading over to the location of the vehicle. Since I already had much experience opening this type of vehicle, within two minutes the car was already unlocked and the customer was able to get her keys back. She was surprised into how fast I was able to open the vehicle and the fact that it costed less than a $100. She then decided to tell me the following story about her friend who has a 2011 Chevy Camaro and got locked out of his vehicle last week.

As the story began, she asked me if we provide lockout services for newer vehicles as well and I responded that we obviously do. Then she started telling her about her friend getting stuck with his Camaro last week and how his dad had to drive for an hour to get him the spare key, so he could open the vehicle because he was positive that a professional locksmith wouldn't be able to unlock a new-ish vehicle such as that. When I asked what was the reason he would think something like that, she mentioned that the mall security guard who came to try and unlock the vehicle with his Slim Jim tool, was not able to do that and claimed that this tool was what most professional locksmith technicians used to unlock vehicles.

Locksmith Spokane lockout service
As she finished the story with the last sentence, I started laughing and said to her that true professional locksmith technicians have many specialty type tools in which they use to open various types of makes and models. I also mentioned that most locksmiths constantly keep themselves updated with all the latest technology tools and newer vehicle make and models, so they can keep up with all the changes that are made as the technology progresses. I finished by giving her few of my business cards, so she can pass one to her friend in case he would ever get stuck again.

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Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Midget Key Origination

Midget locksmith Spokane
Key origination service for a locksmith technician can go the easy way or sometimes the hard way. Depending on the year, make and model of the vehicle, for most vehicles produced since the late 90's a key can be made from scratch by retrieving a unique code using the vehicle's VIN number. However, on the older models, one of the ways to retrieve that special code to make a new key is by taking apart the ignition cylinder, door, or trunk lock in which the code will be engraved on it. The other option is impression a key which I would usually try to avoid as this method has its flaws.  

I got a call the other day from a customer who needed a key made for his 77 MG Midget vehicle. When I looked at my key origination locksmith book, it was mentioned that both the ignition and the door keys lack the code on them which meant I would have to take some stuff apart to reveal the codes and make the keys. I did not have many jobs on me that day, so I decided to accept it and was headed to the customer's address.

Once I got to the customer's house and ran a quick evaluation of the situation with the vehicle, I figured I could probably make the door key using the code that is on the glove box lock which may be much easier to take off than the door lock. From when I started working on the glove box, the lock was already in my hand within a minute and I was able to retrieve 3 digits. The code book I had mentioned a specific series model and tried that in addition to the 3 digits I retrieved and I was able to make the door lock key without further issues.

Spokane locksmith Midget keys
Next step was making the ignition key which was a little bit trickier since the ignition and the door lock keys initially have different cuts which meant I had to take apart some of the steering column in order to get to the lock mountain plate where I was able to read the code from. I was able to retrieve 3 digits, however, the book called for a 4 digit code starting with either series 2 or 3. Having only one key blank in stock, I didn't want to take my chances and decided to call another Spokane locksmith fellow of mine for advice.

Once I got him on the phone, he recalled doing couple of this type of vehicle and could swear to me it was most likely a series 2 key.  I went ahead and tried adding the 2 series digit to the other 3 digits I was able to pull from the ignition and it seem to work perfectly fine. It saved me a lot of time trying to impression in order to make the ignition key and by saving me the hassle of wasting the only blank I had in my possession.

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Thursday, January 1, 2015

Simplex Code Recovery

As a locksmith technician with many years of experience in the field you tend to appreciate most jobs. The jobs that I find to be the most lucrative come mostly from commercial property customers. Sometimes these jobs tend to be difficult as the lock systems are much more complex and hard to work with, but the pay is always good. In recent years i watched as many key-less entry lock system got there way into small and big local businesses. These lock systems seem fairly easy to work with even when there is a problem of some sort.

I recently got called from a company that had a Simplex key-less entry lock system installed. Apparently, they have just moved to that location and quickly forgot the combination to the lock. Luckily, I had some experience with Simplex type locks in the past, so I knew exactly what to do in that situation.

I started the work by removing the combination panel from the lock followed by the staked cover. The distant between the gates on the wheel and the locking slide plate location would be the hint to recover the combination. The first gate that was the farthest from the slide plate pointed out to the first digit and the next one pointed to the others in order. Once all the gates were aligned under the slide plate, I was able to reveal the combination. The manager who contacted me was very pleased from the fact I saved them from changing the lock and even gave me a tip when the job was done.

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