Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Key Extraction

When it comes to key extraction jobs, there are different ways to get it done. A fellow locksmith technician working with the same company came up with an improvised extraction tool for broken keys. It consists of a piece of spring steel about .050 by .020, and about four inches long. The tip of the tool will look like a hook type broken key extractor, except that the tip is rounded. It will work the best usually when both parts of the key are present. With the "head" end in hand and the tip in the lock, I put the remains of the key into the lock and slide the tool along one of the grooves with the hook side facing the nearest edge of the key.

When it gets to the tip of the broken part, it will lock on strong. Then, the trick is to push in on the head of the key, pull on the tool, and pick the tip of the key off the car floor. If the bow of the key is not available, an uncut blank key can be used to perform as a guide to the groove and to raise the tumblers or wafers. I have also used Weiser shims, which I have shaped like a knife to raise tumblers. I have only used it twice, and it worked for both times.