Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Restricted Access Areas

Restricted Access Areas is basically a lock that is keyed as a Restricted Access Area  is no more than a  Single Keyed Different. The terminology is much fancier when talking about lock security to an apartment complex manager, a small business owner or a school principal. When a room must be secured and off the Master-Key system, based on restricted access, a RAA core should be used. This might include a school confidential documents, prescription drug medicine room in a hospital, and more.

A Restricted Access Area I-core must be taken off the master keyed system and have its own Control Key. If there are more than one Restricted Access Area locks, each particular lock should have its own Control Key in order to take advantage of the highest level of security possible. Master keying a set of Restricted Access Area cores is not recommended. As access increases, so does the level of security. Stolen, lost, or any duplicate keys made always pose a danger to all locks affected by that particular key. In all maser keyed situations, security may fluctuate, it is important to carefully plan and remain care as it can diminish the consequences.

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