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Cylinder Type Locks

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In most homes around the country, you will find that their front door is equipped cylinder type lock-sets. A standard lock cylinder would normally contain pins that can be changed in order to match a particular key. Once the cylinder was matched to the new key using different sized pins inside it, the key will now operate the lock successfully.

There are several advantages to having a cylinder type lock. One of them as mentioned is the fact that they can be re-keyed to fit a different cut key. This can save money instead of changing the entire lock or lock-set, a professional locksmith can simply remove the cylinder from the lock and change the combination of the pins even without removing the entire lock. In addition, a cylinder can be easily reconfigured  in order to turn it into a wafer tumbler lock or a disc tumble lock for example.

A cylinder can be used to implement a type of high security system as well such as master-key. A master-key system will typically allow you to use the same type of key on all the locks in your home. A task in which a cylinder type lock will easily allow. In a cylinder type lock for that purpose, the mechanism can be removed and set-up to adapt a master-key type system. However, if needed, the locks can be configured to use different type of keys.

For additional security, a home owner has the option to choose between a single or double cylinder type locks. In a situation where a double cylinder lock is desired, a key would be needed from both sides of the lock in order to get it opened. This option is mostly popular in homes where there is an easy access to the front door where there are windows around it. That way, an intruder won't be able to reach in and unlock the door from the inside. However, in some places in the U.S., having a double cylinder type lock is not permitted due to safety reasons in case of an emergency.

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With a long list of advantages for using a cylinder type lock in your home, there are some disadvantages as well. One of the main issue with a cylinder type lock is the fact that most types can easily be picked open. Intruders normally equipped with a pick tool set can easily use it in order to force the pins inside the cylinder to the open position. Another type of method many intruders like to use on cylinder type locks is a bump key. Although it have to be from the same name brand such as Schlage or Kwikset as the targeted lock to be used on, it is normally the quickest way to unlock a cylinder type lock.

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