Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Key Extraction Tip

This is a good tip I learned from one of my fellow locksmith technicians years ago for extracting broken keys from foreign car ignitions and doors. The process goes by using two spiral key extractors. They would need to be screwed down the milling grooves of each side of the broken key. Once the extractors are in tight position to grab the key but not so tight that you can't pull them out of the lock, the two extractors would need to be twisted together. Only one time they can be twisted, but that should be more than enough.

Not only does this process cause the extractors to grip the key in a firm way, it also moves any wafers out of the way that might interfere with the removal of the broken key piece. On a trunk or door lock it is recommended to use a diamond rake tool to hold the dust cover open. By inserting it in the bottom of the key-way and turning it so it lays flat, the job will be done successfully.

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