Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Broken Key Extraction

Locksmith Spokane broken key
Coming home from work only to be denied access to your home because the key broke inside the lock can be frustrating. In these types of situations, calling a locksmith is highly recommended as further damage to the lock may occur and most likely would need the attention of a professional. However there are some things that can be attempted to resolve the situation before deciding to call a professional.

In case the key broke inside the lock, but part of it is sticking out, you are in luck! There is a good chance you will be able to pull the broken piece out by yourself using your fingernail tips or a pair of needle nose pliers. However, if the components of the cylinder are worn and you had to force the key inside which probably caused the breakage in the first place, calling a professional might be your best bet.

Broken key situations is something that can be prevented a lot of the times with few simple basic maintenance measures. Lubrication of the locks would be the first step. Not only it may prevent from the key to break inside the lock in the future, it will prolong the life of the lock as well. Just like any other mechanical mechanism, if a lock does not get the proper maintenance, it may affect the internal components inside the cylinder which will cause it to malfunction in the future. Spraying a silicone lubricant every few months should be enough.

Spokane locksmith broken key extraction
Often overlooked, but also can be a cause of a broken key situation is the key itself. Keys are often subject to a lot of abuse and can wear out at some point as well. When the keys get worn or damage, trying to operating the lock with such keys may result in them breaking inside the lock. For that reason, it is always recommended to keep a fresh spare handy at all times.

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Thursday, September 17, 2015

Deadbolt Types

Locksmith Spokane Schlage double cylinder deadbolt
A deadbolt is a common form of security measure taken by many residential property owners. Although it is not completely "bullet-proof" against burglars, it cannot be beaten easily. If you are inquiring regarding adding or upgrading the existing deadbolt currently installed on the front or back door of your home, know that there are several types and styles available in the market.

The most common type of deadbolt you will find is a single cylinder deadbolt. They are very standard and require a key to lock or unlock the door from the exterior side while from the interior you will have a thumb-turn to control the locking status. Those types of deadbolts can be found mostly on residential applications in which there are no windows or glass near the front door as it may cause a security hazard otherwise.

The next level up in security is a double cylinder deadbolt. With this type of deadbolt, a key is require to control the locking status of the lock from both sides of the door. Those deadbolts will mostly benefit applications where there are nearby glass windows close to the door or glass inserts that are part of it. In such case, an intruder will not be able to break the glass and reach in to unlock the deadbolt from the inside. The only cons from using such deadbolt is the safety hazard it creates during an emergency where fast access out will be needed.

Spokane locksmith key-less entry deadbolt
Last but not least is a key-less entry type of deadbolt. With this type of deadbolt, a key is not required at all, but is optional in most cases. Accessibility is gained by entering a code via the keypad or touch-pad interface. The ease of access is one of the biggest advantage this type of deadbolt provides with a minor trade-off which is the price.

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Thursday, September 10, 2015

Residential Property Lock Systems

Locksmith Spokane door knob
When it comes to residential or small commercial properties, there are a wide range of lock systems that are being used depending on the settings and security needs. Houses, apartments, student housings, offices and others all use similar types of lock systems but on different security scales and different mechanisms.

Privacy lock-sets will be common for interior use. This means that most likely no key would be necessary in order to lock or unlock the door. However, there will be a thumb-turn on the interior side of the door which will give the user control on the locking status. These types of lock-sets can be found on restrooms and bedrooms mostly. These lock-sets will come in a form of lever or door knob for easy access.

Spokane locksmith decorative handlesetMoving on to a more secure lock system is whats called an entry lock-set. These can be found on the front door of homes, apartments and even some small offices. They are widely used and very common in a double door knob form in which key is required from the exterior side and sometimes from the interior side as well. Few options are presented depending on the security needs of the user such as the ability to use a thumb-turn from the inside while a key is used on the outside, a key to be used from both sides, or even a knob that will control both the exterior and interior locking mechanism at the same time.

handle-sets are normally the more stylish and efficient security lock system available for residential settings. It will normally combine a doorknob along with a deadbolt which will come in one large unit. The user will have the option to choose between a single or a a double cylinder deadbolt to be part of the set. The handle-sets can be found in a variety of designs and styles that may add to the appearance of the front door of your home.

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