Thursday, October 22, 2015

Smart Lock Entry Systems

Locksmith Spokane Kwikset Kevo deadbolt
The frustration of losing or misplacing the keys to your home just as you arrive home is very common. Thanks to new technology in the security field, these frustrations now has a solution. Wireless entry lock systems are becoming more poplar nowadays for residential settings where no key is required in order to gain access and operate them. They are mostly come in a form of a smart lock where a connection is created between your smartphone and the lock on the front door of your home and unlock it as soon as you arrive home. There are several models form various lock manufacturers that are available in the market and can be installed and serviced by most locksmith companies.

A lot of the smart locks available in the market are fairly similar, however, some of them come with unique features. The Goji smart lock system for example that works on wireless has the ability to take a pic of anyone that get close to the front door of your home and immediately send an alert to your smartphone. In addition to smartphone access capabilities, the Goji smart lock has the option of setting an access schedule for certain users dictating when they will have access to the property.

Kwikset has also joined the revolution with their Kevo smart lock deadbolt. The Kevo enable you to gain access by tapping the lighted area on the deadbolt itself. This can be done when your smartphone is pre-connected to the lock. However, if your smartphone is not compatible with the Kevo, a key fob remote can be ordered with the lock to be used instead. Another unique feature the Kevo has is the ability to send temporary access also known as eKey to different individuals through the smartphone.

Locksmith Spokane Lockitron
The Lockitron is another cool entry system that was developed to be used with smartphones. What makes this system so unique is the fact that it goes over the existing deadbolt on the front door of your home instantly making it a smart lock that can be controlled from anywhere you are around the world. In addition, the system will send you live notifications each time the door is unlocked. And if you still weren't able to keep up with technology and don't have a smartphone, this entry system works with old cell phones too!

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