Friday, December 5, 2014

Unlocking A Safe

During my time as a professional locksmith technicians I got called few times for "safe" jobs. Opening safe jobs can be very tricky at times. Recently, I was called to open a "Maximum" brand fire safe and I came up with a good way to open the key lock on it which made the job much easier. Normally, the key-way on these type of safes is very small which makes them very hard to pick. In case drilling cross your mind, make a note that the lock is very hard and maybe nearly impossible to replace.

The method I came up with starts by unscrewing the escutcheon that is located on the front of the safe which connects to the horn of the lock. Once that was done, on the right side of the cylinder housing you will see a set screw which will be your goal to get to. This screw would need to be removed out of the way in anyway you can. Its going to be easier using a small chisel to turn the screw and a pair of needle nose pliers in order to remove it completely. Now that the screw set is out of the way, all that is left is rotating the cylinder and the lock should open.

While doing this process, there is a s slight chance that the tail-piece will bent a little, but it should be fairly easy to straighten it back. Now that the door is open and the cylinder is out, all that is left is finding a V61A blank which is a Volvo gas cap key and a slighly curved shim. Put the blank in the cylinder and shim pick it from the rear, once it is open, remove the plug, and now you will be able to cut the proper key for the lock.

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