Thursday, December 25, 2014

Lexus Trunk Lockout

As a locksmith technician with many years of experience under the belt you tend to run into some locking situations that seem to be fairly tricky to resolve. A lot of times I would get called for a lockout job where the trunk cannot be opened because the alarm is armed or the valet safety lock will be on as well. Most of the times it would be on foreign type vehicles such as Lexus, Toyota, Infinity, etc.

The other day I got a call from a customer complaining he accidentally dropped the keys into the trunk of his 95 Lexus and closed it while he unloaded his shopping. Luckily for him, the entire vehicle was unlocked, but obviously he needed the keys. Thinking it would be a walk in the park since most of these vehicles are equipped with trunk release button, I agreed to accept the job.

Once I got to the job site and started to play with the trunk release button, I realized I was wasting with no response due to the fact that the valet lock for the trunk release was locked which means the alarm still might be on. I went into my locksmith manual, but couldn't find direct instructions for this particular Lexus model which was GS300. However, I did find a process which belonged to a similar year model which instructed to remove the lower dash panel and locate a clip around the valet lock which by removing it will allow the trunk to pop.

When I finally removed the panel, and try locating the clip, I was not able to find it. However, I did see couple of electrical wires coming out of the lock and immediately assumed it goes to the alarm system. At that point I figured my best bet is to "jump" the lock so i can pop the trunk and so I did. I removed the lower wire, and with a U shape wire I jumped the upper wire and i was able to open the trunk. Although i do not recommend using this method since damage to the vehicle alarm system or computer may occur, it was the only way I could think of at that moment to retrieve the customer's keys from the trunk.

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