Friday, December 19, 2014

Truck Lid Lockout Tip

I got a call the other day from a customer complaining he lost the key to the lid on the back of his 2000 Ford F-150 truck. Normally the way I would approach these types of jobs is by picking the lock which shouldn't take very long and I could be on my way in a matter of minutes. However, for some reason, I did not have much luck dealing with the lid on that truck. When I got to the job site and started working on the lock with my picking tool, it did not work as well as I thought. I called one of my fellow locksmith technicians and he advised me to look into the safety latch pull and so I did.

Looking a little closer, I noticed the safety latch that was located to the left of the lock cylinder. It seem to be held by a Velcro piece,but was still accessible if approached in an angle. I took a Slim Jim and cut small slot at the end of it using a dremel tool I had. Then I used couple of plastic pieces to protect the paint while I'm sliding the Slim Jim through them into the lid. Once I got about 6 inches with the Slim Jim inside the lid, I was able to catch the release lever and I pulled in order to open the lid. Although I was able to open it, the open springs seem to be very tight, so I had to use some force when I pulled on it.

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