Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Midget Key Origination

Midget locksmith Spokane
Key origination service for a locksmith technician can go the easy way or sometimes the hard way. Depending on the year, make and model of the vehicle, for most vehicles produced since the late 90's a key can be made from scratch by retrieving a unique code using the vehicle's VIN number. However, on the older models, one of the ways to retrieve that special code to make a new key is by taking apart the ignition cylinder, door, or trunk lock in which the code will be engraved on it. The other option is impression a key which I would usually try to avoid as this method has its flaws.  

I got a call the other day from a customer who needed a key made for his 77 MG Midget vehicle. When I looked at my key origination locksmith book, it was mentioned that both the ignition and the door keys lack the code on them which meant I would have to take some stuff apart to reveal the codes and make the keys. I did not have many jobs on me that day, so I decided to accept it and was headed to the customer's address.

Once I got to the customer's house and ran a quick evaluation of the situation with the vehicle, I figured I could probably make the door key using the code that is on the glove box lock which may be much easier to take off than the door lock. From when I started working on the glove box, the lock was already in my hand within a minute and I was able to retrieve 3 digits. The code book I had mentioned a specific series model and tried that in addition to the 3 digits I retrieved and I was able to make the door lock key without further issues.

Spokane locksmith Midget keys
Next step was making the ignition key which was a little bit trickier since the ignition and the door lock keys initially have different cuts which meant I had to take apart some of the steering column in order to get to the lock mountain plate where I was able to read the code from. I was able to retrieve 3 digits, however, the book called for a 4 digit code starting with either series 2 or 3. Having only one key blank in stock, I didn't want to take my chances and decided to call another Spokane locksmith fellow of mine for advice.

Once I got him on the phone, he recalled doing couple of this type of vehicle and could swear to me it was most likely a series 2 key.  I went ahead and tried adding the 2 series digit to the other 3 digits I was able to pull from the ignition and it seem to work perfectly fine. It saved me a lot of time trying to impression in order to make the ignition key and by saving me the hassle of wasting the only blank I had in my possession.

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