Thursday, September 17, 2015

Deadbolt Types

Locksmith Spokane Schlage double cylinder deadbolt
A deadbolt is a common form of security measure taken by many residential property owners. Although it is not completely "bullet-proof" against burglars, it cannot be beaten easily. If you are inquiring regarding adding or upgrading the existing deadbolt currently installed on the front or back door of your home, know that there are several types and styles available in the market.

The most common type of deadbolt you will find is a single cylinder deadbolt. They are very standard and require a key to lock or unlock the door from the exterior side while from the interior you will have a thumb-turn to control the locking status. Those types of deadbolts can be found mostly on residential applications in which there are no windows or glass near the front door as it may cause a security hazard otherwise.

The next level up in security is a double cylinder deadbolt. With this type of deadbolt, a key is require to control the locking status of the lock from both sides of the door. Those deadbolts will mostly benefit applications where there are nearby glass windows close to the door or glass inserts that are part of it. In such case, an intruder will not be able to break the glass and reach in to unlock the deadbolt from the inside. The only cons from using such deadbolt is the safety hazard it creates during an emergency where fast access out will be needed.

Spokane locksmith key-less entry deadbolt
Last but not least is a key-less entry type of deadbolt. With this type of deadbolt, a key is not required at all, but is optional in most cases. Accessibility is gained by entering a code via the keypad or touch-pad interface. The ease of access is one of the biggest advantage this type of deadbolt provides with a minor trade-off which is the price.

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