Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Schlage Double Cylinder Deadbolt

Locksmith Spokane Schlage deadbolt
As a locksmith technician, I feel there is a big difference between servicing a residential type lock and a commercial type one. Usually, commercial grade locks will be much more heavy duty than residential type ones even though they may look similar at times. Most beginner locksmith technicians normally do not provide much services for commercial grade locks as these type require a little more skills, knowledge and special tools. However, sometimes, even the experienced locksmith technician will run into a particular commercial type lock that will puzzle him to find a solution.

I got a call recently from a local restaurant where the manager wanted to re-key all the locks in the restaurant to match one key. Normally, most restaurants are equipped with commercial grade standard locks and since I had enough experience servicing these types of locks, I didn't hesitate much to take the job. However, I did realize that it might be a few hours gig since the restaurant manager mentioned that there were about 6 doors with locks to re-key.

Once I got to the restaurant, the first thing I checked was the type of locks that doors had installed on. By what I've seen, all the door were equipped with a standard commercial grade Schlage lever handle and a deadbolt. I started taking apart all the locks to prepare them for a re-key. It took me few hours to complete the re-key and put all the locks back together, but when I was done, the manager said I forgot one door which was the door to his office.

Schlage deadbolt locksmith Spokane
The door to his office had a type of Schlage double cylinder deadbolt that I was not familiar with and probably was more high security than the other locks I re-keyed. When I asked why did he had a double cylinder deadbolt installed, he said that it was because of the safe in his office. As I examined the lock, I couldn't find any way that I could remove it in order to do a re-key on the cylinder.There was no retainer screw that I could find holding the cylinders together. I then called a Spokane locksmith co worker of mine to see if he had any experience with this type of lock before and luckily he did. Apparently, the inside cylinder had a plate over the retaining screws which explained why I could not locate them. All I needed to do was removing the plate to access the screws. Once I did that, it didn't take very long to finish re-keying that lock as well.

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