Thursday, March 12, 2015

Unlocking a Lexus

Spokane locksmith Lexus lockout
Lockout services are probably the majority of work an average locksmith technician will do throughout his career. Most of the lockout services most likely will be automotive. Unlocking a a vehicle can vary from vehicle to vehicle. In fact, there are some models in the market that are almost impossible to unlock. There are many types of specialty tools a locksmith will use in order to unlock a vehicle depending on the model. However, not all the time the intended specialty tool will help.

I had a customer called a while back claiming he locked the keys inside the vehicle by mistake. The vehicle was a 95 Lexus. I've done many types of vehicles before, but never a Lexus. Figuring there was a first time for everything, I decided to take the job, got the customer's info and headed his way. Once I got to the customer's location, I reviewed some of the automotive material I had to see what would be the best tool using to unlock this type of vehicle and it seemed that it called for an under-the -window tool.

Even though an under-the-window tool can be a tricky tool to use at times, I had a lot of practice using it, so I knew I won't have any issues using it this time as well despite the fact I did not work on a Lexus model before. I immediately started working on the vehicle and after couple minutes of manipulating the tool through the door and inside the vehicle, I was able to access the door lock. However, each time that I tried unlocking it, it quickly locked itself not giving me a chance to open the door.

Lexus lockout Spokane locksmith
Since picking the locks were not an option due to the fact this vehicle had high security locks, I decided to give a call to a Spokane locksmith co-worker of mine for a little advice. After getting him on the phone and telling him the story, he said that the reason the vehicle kept locking itself each time I tried unlocking it was because the alarm was armed and that there was no way to disarm it. The only option I had he said was having the customer pull the handle as soon as I used the tool to unlock the door lock. After making couple attempts unlocking the vehicle with the help of the customer, the door finally opened!

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